Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This could be YOU -- watch Sylvia's amazing transformation....to becoming a swimmer

There is no question -- Sylvia enters the pool with great trepidation.   She has avoided water activites her entire adult life - due to a frightening near-drowing experience as a teenager.  Despite this scare, Sylvia truly wants to overcome her fear of the water - and learn to swim.   Using our carefully defined program for adults, watch Sylvia wash away her fears - and become comfortable in the water.   You TOO, can learn to swim as an adult!

Sylvia shares her fears before stepping into the pool:

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1.  You can see Sylvia clings to the pool edge, and the fear of the water shows clearly on her face.   We proceed slowly and methodically, using a series of proven techniques to help Sylvia relax in the water.

2.  Many people struggle to relax in the water.   With our proven one-step-at-a-time techniques, Sylvia gets closer and closer to the underwater world - until finally she is ready to take the plunge.   Sylvia puts her head underwater for the first time, and comes up for air - smiling!

3.  Now that Sylvia is becoming increasingly more relaxed, we try a few underwater "games" - to continue with the concept of staying relaxed, and learning how to hold your breath, and blow out underwater bubbles.

4.  It is now time for Sylvia to feel buoyancy.   At first, she doesn't believe that she can float on her back.   Her mind is telling her that she will sink.   By using our techniques on understanding HOW to float - within a few minutes, Sylvia is on top of the water, completely relaxed - and amazed that she has accomplished SO much in 60 minutes.   Something she has struggled a lifetime to achieve.

5.  Eager to continue the learning process - Sylvia applies proven techniques, and begins to understand the concept of breathing IN (when up for air), holding her breath, and breathing bubbles OUT.   She learns how to synchronize her breathing with the rotation of her body - and before she realizes, she has started the mechanics for learning freestyle.

Now that Sylvia has experienced the thrill of being relaxed in the water - she shares the moment - one that you TOO can achieve.

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